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What is DIP?

Formerly known as the Data Intelligence Society of Concordia, DIP has one goal: bring ALL data-driven individuals *no matter their background* under one roof.

Through a diverse following and the freedom to play around with data, we want to foster an inclusive and fun learning environment for everyone interested in technology and data science. We offer multiple types of events throughout the year to cater to as many people and styles as possible! DataTalks (speaker series), Datathon (case competition), Techfest (NEW! a FUN data networking fair), Workshops, & The Innovative Society, are ALL the ways you can enhance your learning, show off your skills, or simply surround yourself with like-minded people.

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Leora is studying towards a BComm in Marketing with a double-minor in Data Intelligence & International Business. Her career goal is to become a CMO, & she is passionate about real estate, web design, research, & helping others.

Leora Bobrove

Sophie is studying towards a BComm in Marketing. Her career goal is to become a marketing data analyst, & she is contemplating minoring in data intelligence. She is passionate about entrepreneurship.

Sophie Albo

VP Intelligence
Ming is studying towards a BComm in Marketing with a minor in Data Intelligence. She is passionate about marketing & data science hackathons.

Ming Redmonds

Cindy is studying towards a BComm in Finance with a minor in Data Intelligence. She is passionate about volunteering and case competitions.

Cindy Wong

Studying for a BComm in Finance with a minor in Data Intelligence, Anne currently has a BA in design & visual communications, & a Post-Graduate Certificate in Brand Management. Her goal is to become a data analyst, & she is passionate about volunteering.

Anne Ngo


Alicia Phan

Shabnam is studying towards a Master in Applied Computer Science & holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering. A geek at heart, she loves to party, travel, and is a Marvel universe superfan.

Shabnam Hasan

Mena is studying towards an MBA with a focus on Business Analytics and holds a Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Science. Curious by nature, he is a geek at heart who loves learning. His career goal is to one day become CEO and he also has a military history.

Mena Ayad

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1st Year Rep



The Innovative Society strives to create an environment that facilitates conversations about all things technology, focusing on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. As these topics are relevant to most studies, we welcome and encourage all students from different backgrounds to join. Our Main goal for 2020 is to  set up common accounts in Kaggle and Github to facilitate learning and sharing code for all members, as well as complete one major startup project to pitch during a demo night with a D!P partner. The society invites business professionals to help mentor and speak to our team members about real-world applications pertaining to DI and AI, either during a weekly meetup, or by hosting a Lunch and Learn.

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Society Member

Society Member

Society Member